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the research

research in this series of snapshots aims at erasing both the subject and the possible objects inside the image. Ultimately you wish to create an image that does not exist relying on the rhythm of signs and the language of colours to convey emotions and awaken the observer’s fantasy.
Each one will receive different sensations from those images and people will find out affinities with shapes of reality till then unknown.
lights, movement, colour

when the task of photography is not no immortalize an unrepeatable moment  there stands out the commonplace. If the author wishes to go further than that he has to undertake a personal research in order to satisfy stylistic and aesthetic requirements.
Each author shall use his own "experience" to achieve “different” images always in tune with his personal taste.

the blur

strong, violent colors, saturated beyond all imaginary reality ... or the total absence of colour, the use of pure black and white, sometimes cold ... The choice is not academic, it should never be a random one...
Rejecting extremes leads us to consider a weighted, unusual, undoubtedly little practiced solution, that of a colored image, but not colored in an artificial way, on the contrary rather natural, leaving to the shadows the task of giving character to black.

black & white or colour?

we must not forget the origins. Black & white is the essence of photography!
Long before colour fascination permeated the world of photography, each photographer had a power of coping with light and shade or with contrasts and this ability determined the beauty, quality and expression of an image.
Black & white was and still is manly a communication choice.... it is a means of conveying an emotion.
Through black & white you can create either a synthesis of lines or shapes or quite the opposite, a polished image full of detail and delicate hues.

the black & white

unlike the research on "lights, movement, colour", "fancies" are real images not elaborated, but to most people they appear tampered with. The snap presents the result of a careful synthesis that cut out from the frame parts of the subject isolating a detail that cancels all precise references with reality and leads to a not univocal reading of the image.. Therefore in this case research is based on forms, colours, volumes and as for "lights, movement,colour" attempts at showing an image that does not represent inevitably an object nor it has a subject. In a word an image that forces the observer to think.


the composition of an image is an essential component of the image itself.
In this short collection you can find images of different kind, but all united by an absolute rigid research of the composition. The cut, the distribution of the masses, the alternation or contrast of the colors, the positioning of the subjects, their relationship in terms of size, each element must assume the role that belongs to it, nothing more, nothing less.


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