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As a painter I always considered photography as a minor art.
My remark came from the fact that while a painter creates his own piece of work a photographer reproduces his subject.
However it is equally true that not all painters create, most of them portrait reality, but you cannot ignore the fact that there are different ways of being realistic. There are those who reproduce reality as it is and those who, while painting reality, manage to make themselves absolutely unique through their own style.
But this because I was too busy with painting, always looking for a new technique. Experimenting was a necessity for me.
When I started photographing my work I had to learn all those notions of photographic technique that were indispensable for me to reproduce correctly.
Since then photography has been a challenge for me. Once I became a master of technique I started again to ... experiment!
The knowledge of the new expressive medium stimulated me to create new forms, different experiences, in short it was a boost to renewal.

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