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Born in Monza in October 1945, he lives and works in Brescia.
He attended the Art Institute and achieved his artistic maturity at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara.
His works, fluctuating between metaphysics and symbolism, are the result of careful graphic research.
Artist with multiple interests, he collaborates with the Italia Artistica magazine writing services, articles and reviews.
from "Panorama d'Arte vol. 7"
Starting from traditional positions, through the study of masters including Kokoschka, Klimt, Boccioni, he arrives at a modern figurative painting with symbolic implications. The image is no longer a testimony of oneself and its meanings, but of a meaning that one wants to give through it. For this purpose, every tinsel, every pure description is banned and the construction is based exclusively on clear backgrounds delimited by precise signs and on clear color combinations. Symbologies often refer to contemporary man and his existential condition within a system that isolates the individual from the crowd and limits his aspirations and desires.
from "Dictionary of Contemporary European Artists" ed. AIAL
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