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salvatore attanasio
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Salvatore Attanasio was born in Monza in the month of October 1945; he lives and works in Brescia. He attended the Art Institute and took is school certificate at the Academy of fine Arts in Carrara. Artist with a lot in interests he busies himself with painting, graphics and photography.
The attention he pays to the respect of other people leads him to express himself also as a trainer, first at work, as railmaster of the National Railways, then as a collaborator of an association that deals with elderly people.
He patiently teaches during his meetings what he learned studying and experimenting in his various fields of interest.

Within the site, on the presentation page of each of the sections, the approach to the technique, the motivations that led him to express himself in that specific sector and the contacts with the artists of that time are illustrated in a broader way.
In short, each of his activities, including those that are professional and not necessarily artistic, is described to better define his personality
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project "Castles, Ghosts, Legends"


photography course
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